Nothing is Impossible
Breaking the Web Desktop Barrier
Desktop Simplicity
One Page Web Application
Desktop Performance
Offline Data Processing
Clint Side Code Independence from the Server Side Code
Server Workload Reducing
Super Fast Data Delivery
Top Web Security
Zero Footprint - No Worries About Lost, Stolen Or Broken Devices
Based On Standard JavaScript, CSS and HTML
Zooming (IE7) Compatible
Text Resizing ability
Total Portability: Cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility
No Additional Client Software (Plug-Ins) Required
No Access to Local Hard Drive Needed
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Ardent JavaScript™: True Information Superiority

Our Ardent JavaScript™ís innovative client-side technology delivers unmatched desktop performance, web browser simplicity and real interactivity using standard solutions. Compatible with web applications, networks, computer systems and Web browsers, Ardent JavaScript™ requires no additional hardware investment and offers a quick learning curve for developers and users. A true revolution in web usage, Ardent JavaScript™:

      bullet Allows creation of desktop application inside of one Web page. With Ardent JavaScript™, users perform local data filtering and "what-if" analysis without ever leaving their Web browser one page application.

      bullet Separates client-side software from server-side software of Web application. Server side developers no longer have to know JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and client-side professionals no longer have to use server software to generate web pages.

      bullet Delivers total portability: cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility.

      bullet Operates with any Server OS, any Hardware, any Middleware Platforms, any Database and any Web Applications/Servers.

      bullet Facilitates distributed computing. Former server-side SQL tasks, like data searching, sorting, indexing, formatting and batch reporting, are now accomplished more efficiently on the end-user's browser-equipped PDA, Thin Client, PC, Mac, or Unix workstations.

      bullet Does not require pre-installing or managing software (Plug-Ins) on the client's desktop, laptop or handheld computer, as the only client-side software required is a standard web browser.

      bullet Delivers desktop speed of data processing

      bullet Achieves desktop level of memory usage

      bullet Allows the processing of the same amount or more of data as a desktop

      bullet Allows offline data processing. Remote users can download all information via the web, then disconnect and process all data offline inside of one Web page application

      bullet Reduces the redundant and unnecessary network traffic, minimizes Internet bandwidth requirements

      bullet Has thin Web client simplicity

      bullet Supports standard Web security - zero footprint model (no access to user local hard drive needed). When the user logs out, the data is automatically deleted from RAM memory, which eliminates worries about lost, stolen or broken devices.

      bullet Offers a set of built-in visual widgets (date picker, color picker, reports, graphs and charts) sharing a professional look-and-feel and simple usage.

      bullet Internet Explorer 7 zooming compatible

      bullet Internet Explorer 6 select object overlap resistible

      bullet Text size proportionally adjustable